Pitch & Prime Podcast

Episode 6 - Homebrew Competitions (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our homebrew competition series we flip the previous perspective and talk to a few seasoned beer judges about their travels into brew culture. 

Angeline MacLennan shares her story about the balancing act between partner, mom, nurse and Atlantic Canada's first female Cicerone. 

We also welcomed Stefan Gagliardi, master brewer for the revitalized and historic ‘Original’ Alexander Keiths Brewery.  He takes us deeper into the sensory experience and evaluation of a particular beer.


Angeline MacLennan - Cicerone
Stefan Gagliardi - Brewmaster, Alexander Keith’s Halifax brewery

Episode 5 - Homebrew Competitions (Part 1)


For the first part of our two part episode about homebrew competitions we spoke with Eric Cousineau. Eric has an impressive CV within the homebrewing community.

We talked with Eric about the recently founded Canadian Homebrewers Association, and how it intends to pave the way for an enhanced experience for all Canadian brewers. We also discussed his experience and journey to become BJCP Certified, and how much it takes to run the largest homebrewing competition in Canada. 


Eric Cousineau - Organizer of Brew Slam, President & Founder of GTA Brews, Ontario Rep & Chair of Competitors Sub Committee for the Canadian Homebrewers AssociationBJCP National Judge & BJCP Assistant Rep for Northeast Region.

Episode 4 - Recipe Development


In pursuit of beer deliciousness amateur and professional brewers alike strive to have a keener understanding of how their ingredients work together - the balance between bitter, sweet, acid, umami and yes sometimes even salty; are paramount in developing the next big thing in beer. 

We sat down with award winning homebrewer Ian Wheatley to discuss how he approaches his beer recipe development. We also got some insight from our in-house brew guru Tyler Graves who develops our Brew Box recipes.


Ian Wheatley - Award winning homebrewer

Tyler Graves - Brew Box Recipe Developer

Episode 3 - Food + Beer

We're ringing in the new year with a pint and good food, two things that have gone together for many years. Cooking with beer and pairing food with beer is not as difficult as you may think it is. While there are some basic "rules", beer lends itself to creativity and freedom in the kitchen. 

We sat down with two Chefs, Markus Mueller and Janie Borgadus, to get a better understanding of the power of beer in the kitchen and how you can easily incorporate your homebrew into your culinary adventures.


Markus Mueller - Chef & Blogger, Earth Food & Fire (Charlottetown, PE)

Janie Borgadus - Head Chef, The Watch That Ends The Night (Dartmouth, NS)

Episode 2 - Homebrew Clubs


Homebrew clubs have been growing in popularity across Canada in recent years. These clubs give brewers the opportunity to connect with like minded people, expand their brewing education and perhaps most importantly, share and enjoy beer.

However, what are the downsides to volunteer lead brewing clubs? We sat down with two homebrew club members to get some insight into the pros and cons of homebrew clubs. 

To find a homebrew club near you, checkout the Canadian Homebrewers Association.


Devon Lyons - Lethbridge Werthogs

Jamie Fowler - Competitions Director, True Grist

Episode 1 - Homebrewing Beginnings


November 4th is learn to Homebrew day, so for our inaugural podcast we’ve decided to journey back to the humble beginnings of some professional and amateur homebrewers. We’ll learn about turning the homebrewing hobby into a career, being a female in a male dominated industry, and some of the science behind homebrewing.


Kelly Costello - Assistant Brewer, Good Robot Brewing Co. (Halifax, NS)

Ian Wheatley - Award winning homebrewer (Halifax, NS)

Steve Crane - Assistant Brewer, Spindrift Brewing Company (Dartmouth, NS)