Beer Recipe Kit - New England IPA All Grain

Beer Recipe Kit - New England IPA All Grain


Available in 23 L (6 gallon) or 19 L (5 gallon) batch sizes. 

The general profile of this style is sweet, fruity and hazy/cloudy (not to be confused with murky or thick).

Hops are not added during boiling but at the end using a process called hop-standing. Adding the hops after the boiling stage retains the oils while excluding the bitterness from the hops. Dry hopping during fermentation is also very important in this style.

The colour is pale (straw to golden), the body is full and the finish is smooth and creamy with little or no bitterness when drinking.

The aroma is intense hops and the flavours include tropical fruits (pineapple, papaya, guava, etc.) and sometimes stone fruits and citrus fruits. Herbal or grassy notes are not typically found. The malt profile is relatively neutral, but sometimes a little toasty, so it does not overwhelm the hops. Although fruity, the beer should not be sweet from unfermented sugars but from high esters instead. A high final gravity is not appropriate for this style.

Ranges from 5% to 7.5% alcohol. OG: 1.050-1.075 / IBUs: 40-60 / FG: 1.010-1.018 / SRM: 5-14

Our Beer Kit Recipes include all the ingredients necessary to make your own batch of hand crafted beer. Following the easy instructions you will feel like a pro in no time.

What You'll Get: 

  • Bag of milled milled grains
  • 1-3 packages of hops (depending on recipe)
  • Pack of yeast
  • Corn sugar for carbonating in bottles
  • Instructions

It should be noted that some advanced equipment and knowledge is necessary to produce this beer kit. 


New England IPA Tout Grains

Disponible en lot de 23L (6 Gal) ou de 19L (5 Gal)

L'arôme est intense, le houblon et les saveurs incluent des fruits tropicaux (ananas, papaye, goyave, etc.) et parfois des fruits à noyau et des agrumes. On ne trouve généralement pas de notes herbacées ou herbacées. Le profil du malt est relativement neutre, mais parfois un peu grillé, pour ne pas submerger le houblon. Bien que fruitée, la bière ne doit pas être sucrée à partir de sucres non fermentés mais à partir d'esters élevés. Une gravité finale élevée n'est pas appropriée pour ce style.

  • Sac de grains
  • 1-3 sachet d'houblons (dépendament de la recette)
  • sachet de levure
  • sachet de dextrose (pour l'embouteillage)
  • Instructions

*NOTE* Équipement et sagesse de bière avancé nécessaire pour brasser cette recette

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