Mangrove Jack's Brew Pouch - Saison (Makes 15L)
Mangrove Jack's

Mangrove Jack's Brew Pouch - Saison (Makes 15L)


These beer kits come in the latest foil pouch. Each pouch is cold filled using the latest nitrogen technology to provide the ultimate contamination-free products. The low temperature process retains the delicate flavours and aromas traditionally lost during the pasteurization of cans by prolonged heating and hot filling. 

Combination of fruity and spicy flavours that are supported by a soft malt character, a light sourness complements the dry finish.  Peppery phenols give a layer of complexity to the fascinating beer.

Approx ABV: 6.2% 
IBU: 15 - 20 
Final SG: 1.001

Final Volume: 15L (4 US GAL)
Dextrose Sugar: 500G (1.1LB)