Grainfather G40 Deluxe All Grain Brewing System
Grainfather G40 Deluxe All Grain Brewing System
Grainfather G40 Deluxe All Grain Brewing System

Grainfather G40 Deluxe All Grain Brewing System


The Grainfather was the industry's first All-in-one, all-grain brewing system and set the standard for innovation, quality, customer service, support, warranty and supporting software. (Grainfather Recipe App). 

The Grainfather G40 is the latest deluxe brewing system in the G SERIES range. Packed with all of the innovative features you can find in the G70 plus more, this high-end system is your new best friend for brewing up to 10 US Gal of beer and filling 2 x 5 US Gal corny kegs.

Comes with the famous Grainfather 3 year warranty. 

With 3300 w of power and 220 v, The Grainfather G30 with more power! Our stove and dryer plug adaptors make it easy! 

220 volts means your boil gets up to temperature fast, cutting down the time of your brew day. Plus a more vigorous boil means a better hot break, better hop utilization, better beer.

With a max grain bill of 29lb, you can adjust a high ABV recipe to a smaller batch volume, allowing you to brew larger grain bills that can easily go above 9% ABV.

This deluxe system comes with a very efficient counter-flow chiller and just like the G70, you can manage your brew remotely with the smart controller that has built-in wireless connectivity.

The smart wireless controller allows you to manage your brew remotely. The Grainfather mobile app connects you to the controller and gives you access to a massive library of recipes. Or even create your own!

Simply connect your mobile device to the controller and manage your brew through the Grainfather App. Once connected, you’ll have access to a step-by-step brewing system and tons of recipes to choose from, or you can even create your own!


  • Heating power: NEMA 6-15r 220v plug. Please note: This requires a power adapter (not included) to allow you to plug into your dryer or stove outlet. See adapters here.
  • G40 body built out of high grade, 304 stainless steel
  • Heats wort evenly with conical shaped surface mounted heating element
  • Conical base for maximum wort transfer
  • Connect your mobile device to the smart controller with built-in wireless connectivity via the Grainfather App and manage your brew remotely. Our free brewing app has all the tools, calculators and recipes that empower you to create amazing beer at home. Or get creative and design your own with our feature-packed recipe creator!
  • Comes with a counterflow wort chiller for a more efficient and sanitary wort transfer
  • PID (proportional integral derivative) a specially developed algorithm for managing accurate and consistent mash temperatures
  • Quick and easy cleaning with CIP (clean in place) capability
  • Integrated sight glass for easy volume reading
  • Rolled edge grain plate and perforated basket for easy mashing
  • Large bottom mounted dual-stage hop filter reduces pump and chiller blockages
  • We’re confident that our products will produce professional results, just like the craft breweries. That’s why every G40 comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Size: 28 x 22"
  • Weight: 64lb
  • Max preboil volume: 12 US Gal
  • Batch volume
  • Maximum: 11 US Gal
  • Minimum: 3 US Gal
  • Grain bill
  • Maximum: 29lb
  • Note: max weight depends on grain crush, type and variety. Large grain bills may also require the use of an additional grain plate.
  • Minimum: 7lb
  • Power: 3300W, 230V
  • Connectivity: Wireless control