Yeast - White Labs WLP838 Southern German Lager Next Gen
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Yeast - White Labs WLP838 Southern German Lager Next Gen


Now with more yeast, get a foolproof fermentation without a starter. Following a commercially recommended pitching rate allowing you to pitch like the pros!

This yeast is characterized by a malty finish, balanced aroma and great flocculation. It is a strong fermenter which produces slight sulfur and low diacetyl during fermentation. This strain benefits from a diacetyl rest and conditioning.

ATTENUATION  68% - 76%
FERMENTATION TEMP. 10-13°C (50-55°F)
STA1 Negative
Amber Lager • American Lager • Bock • Cream Ale • Dark Lager • Dopplebock • Helles • Marzen • Pale Lager • Pilsner • Schwarzbier • Vienna Lager

All liquid yeasts are shipped with a 3oz ice pack.

We strongly recommend adding a Thermal Shipping Package to keep your yeast cool longer. Each package can hold up to 5 liquid yeasts.

Levure - White Labs WLP838 Southern German Lager

Cette levure se caractérise par une finale maltée, un arôme équilibré et une grande floculation. C'est un fermenteur puissant qui produit un léger soufre et une faible teneur en diacétyle pendant la fermentation. Cette souche bénéficie d'un repos et d'un conditionnement diacétyle.