Kegland Series Xtra Specs & Info

Important Installation Note: Series X kegerators need 4" of clearance on both sides and the back of the unit when installing so they do not overheat. This model cannot be installed flush into a countertop with no side clearance like a dishwasher. The side walls have radiators inside that dissipate heat, and they cannot be blocked. These are designed for indoor use, and a maximum ambient temperature of 85° F. or less.

Note: The Four Faucet Tower option should only be ordered if you are dispensing home brew kegs, as this unit only holds three five gallon sanke commercial kegs.

Needed but not included for each ball lock HOMEBREW ball lock keg supplied faucet in your tower:
1 x Threaded In/Gas Ball Lock
1 x Threaded Out/Liquid Ball Lock
2 x Duotight FFL Adapters

Needed but not included for each SANKE DOMESTIC BEER KEG supplied faucet in your tower:
Sanke D Coupler

Outside Dimensions:

24" wide
25" deep, 31" with C02 Bottle Mounted on back
33.5" tall (just the box, no drip tray, caster wheels, tower, or chrome guard rail)
36" tall (with caster wheels but no drip tray, tower, or chrome guard rail)
52" tall with caster wheels and tower

Internal Dimensions:
19.5" wide
16" deep
28.25" tall

Power Consumption:
.09 Amps

The Kegs Below Will Fit Inside

4 x 19L (8½" diameter) Cornelius Kegs Ball Lock Kegs
2 x 19L Ball Lock Corny Kegs and one 20L Sanke Keg
4 x 2.5 Gallon (8½" diameter) Cornelius Keg 
3 x 19L Pin Lock Corny Kegs (9¼" diameter) 

Commercial Kegs:
3 x 20 L Sanke Keg 
1 x 30L Sanke Keg
1 x 50L Sanke Keg
1 x 60L Sanke Keg

The All Rounder Fermzilla will fit.