Aspirating Valve/Cask Breather

Aspirating Valve/Cask Breather


Breather valve that extends the life of a cask when serving ales on a traditional hand pump or “beer engine”. The valve allows CO2 to displace the beer as it is pulled from the keg or cask, without ever adding any pressure to the beer. Significantly extends the life of your “real ales” compared to venting the keg and allowing air in. A must for home brewers who want to serve traditional ales on hand pump over longer periods of time.

Simply install in-line between your CO2 regulator and your keg fitting. Set the regulator at 10 psi. No pressure will be added to the cask, but as beer is removed, the valve opens to allow a blanket of CO2 to protect the beer and keep air away. 

Use with Angram Hand Pump to serve British ales or “Real Ales” the traditional way. This beer engine pulls the beer from a vented keg for a perfect cascading pour and silky, creamy texture. Taste why delicious ales have been served this way for hundreds of years.

Use with Angram Hand Pump