Hops - POLARIS Pellets
Hops - POLARIS Pellets

Hops - POLARIS Pellets


Occasionally we may need to substitute to 1oz YCH nitrogen purged hops.

Powerful wintergreen and eucalyptus make Polaris a vivid flavour component.

Breeding/Development: Germany. Released in 2012, Polaris is part of the new wave of “flavour hops” released by the  Hüll Institute.

Brewing Application: Aroma. With typically very high alpha acid levels and high oil content, Polaris makes its presence known in IPAs, Brettanomyces fermentations, and Belgian styles. Use a base malt with enough character to stand up to it!

Sensory: Intense and lingering impressions of wintergreen, pleasant fruit notes, with a Hallertau-like sweetness and herbal note. Can exhibit a pungent, exotic spice flavour early in fermentation.

Alpha Acid Range: 18.0-24.0%

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Houblon - BSG Polaris

La gaulthérie puissante et l'eucalyptus font de Polaris un composant de saveur vive. Impressions intenses et persistantes de gaulthérie, notes fruitées agréables, avec une douceur de Hallertau et une note herbacée. Peut présenter une saveur piquante et exotique d'épices au début de la fermentation.

Gamme d'acide alpha : 18,0-24,0 %

Disponible en sacs de 1 oz et 8 oz.