Hops - Cryo Simcoe (1 oz)

Hops - Cryo Simcoe (1 oz)


A popular hop for craft brewers and a nice foundational bittering hop. Simcoe has bright citrus flavours and earthy undertones flavours and aromas of grapefruit and pine. Great for a single hop brew.

Alpha Acids

The production begins by cryogenic separation of what they have named “LupuLN2®” and the remaining debittered leaf content

LupuLN2® is the concentration of resins and aromatic oils that make up the plants lupulin. This allows for heavy, late addition hopping to provide intense hop flavour and aroma, while avoiding astringency. Using Cryo Hops at about half the dosage, by weight, provides a more intense juicy and resinous character, than its whole hop counterpart.