Oak Chips - French Medium Toast - Large Grade
Oak Chips - French Medium Toast - Large Grade

Oak Chips - French Medium Toast - Large Grade


Add to any wine, beer, or spirit to enhance the toasted oak flavour.

Much easier and economical than oak barrels and yet provides most of the same results.

Adding oak during and after fermentation can deliver hints of vanilla, toffee, nuttiness and tannins while improving overall aroma and flavour complexity. Oak also improves age-ability, and will help make your wine, beer or spirit even more appealing and closer to their commercial counterpart.

French oak imparts a more subtle flavour, a bit more spice and provides firmer but silkier tannins. American oak tends to produce a more bold and obvious complexity with vanilla, caramel and a creamier texture.

Various levels of toasting (which refers to heating level or char to the wood) will offer various levels of complexity as well. 

Light Toast tends to add softer tannins and a subtle oak character for those delicate wines (or other beverages).

Medium Toast tends to provide notes of vanilla, caramel, toasted bread, all spice and tannins.

Dark Toast tends to produce flavours and aromas reminiscent of coffee and chocolate while adding firm tannins.

Blending Oaks will add combinations of these characteristics.  

These Premium American oak chips are large grade which makes them easier to manage during racking, but you may need a little more to compensate (due to the decreased surface area per gram) when compared to the smaller chips.

Our Grade-A Oak chips have been professionally screened to remove any residual dust, meaning less small particles are left behind helping to prevent clogging of your filtering or siphoning equipment.

Add these Large Grade oak chips to the primary or secondary during fermentation. Adding to the primary usually requires more oak than adding post fermentation and tends to impart a slightly more subtle and smoother profile.

Available in 2 sizes 114g or 454g.