Speidel 30L All-In-One Beer Fermenter

Speidel 30L All-In-One Beer Fermenter


Great for cider too!

Although these German engineered 30 L fermenters are new to Canada, our industry friends in the US tell us they’ve been selling extremely well for several years now! One large on-line retailer currently has feedback of 4.7 stars (out of five with 300 reviews.)

As a company Spediel has been tried and trusted for decades these ‘single stage fermenters’ appeal to all home brewers; from beginner to advanced. We love them because they are large enough to ferment a full 23 L easily PLUS it’s hard to mess up beer in a quality single stage fermenter if you keep it clean and stay out of it until bottling day.

Description: These fermentation tanks are of German engineered and manufactured using high-quality materials and clean processing guaranteeing you a long time enjoyment of the fermenter AND your beer. (Because beer is only ever as good as fermentation, they say.)

Spediel ONLY use undyed, food-safe PE plastic for the fermentation tanks. The particularly thick wall not only provides stability, but also preserves its aroma. The large opening allows a thorough cleaning, which is very easy anyway due to the extra smooth inner walls and the well thought-out curves.

While they aren’t specifically designed for ‘pressure’ fermentation, their thick and sturdy design ‘has no problem holding 5 PSI easily’ according to one brewing blogger.

  • Tried and trusted for decades
  • Thick-walled for the best option.
  • Made in Germany
  • Certified food safe
  • Robust carrying handle
  • Air Lock/Stopper, bottling tap, and cap included

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