Yeast - White Labs WLP850 Copenhagen Lager Next Gen
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Yeast - White Labs WLP850 Copenhagen Lager Next Gen


Now with more yeast, get a foolproof fermentation without a starter. Following a commercially recommended pitching rate allowing you to pitch like the pros!

This northern European lager strain emphasizes clean and crisp characteristics. Malt flavours tend to be secondary, promoting clean drinkability. It is ideal for Vienna, schwarzbier or American-style lagers.

ATTENUATION  72% - 78%
FERMENTATION TEMP. 10-14°C (50-58°F)
STA1 Negative
Amber Lager • American Lager • Dark Lager • Pale Lager • Schwarzbier • Vienna Lager

All liquid yeasts are shipped with a 3oz ice pack.

We strongly recommend adding a Thermal Shipping Package to keep your yeast cool longer. Each package can hold up to 5 liquid yeasts.

Levure - White Labs WLP850 Copenhagen Lager

Cette variété de bière blonde d'Europe du Nord met l'accent sur des caractéristiques propres et croquantes. Les saveurs de malt ont tendance à être secondaires, favorisant une buvabilité propre. Il est idéal pour les lagers viennoises, schwarzbier ou américaines.